ABOUT Paranjape Nursery School

Bhavan’s Paranjape Nursery School was established in the year 2002. This is a child oriented school where children are loved and respected The school is equipped with dedicated and qualified teachers. The teachers are post graduate diploma holders of Bhavan’s Pre-primary Teachers’ Training College. The teacher student ratio is 25 : 1 to ensure individual attention and quality education.

The curriculum is designed considering child’s age, attention span and development level. The curriculum is activity based and the teachers work in small groups with the children and expose them to various experiences like singing, story, readiness activities, cognitive games and information on various projects. These experiences help children to conceptualize better and also helps to develop language and thinking skills. Exposure to these experiences means exposure to specific skills with a definite goal for the all round development of the child. We go by the play way method of teaching where not only product but also the process of learning is given equal importance.

The school is well equipped with modern educational aids, creative programmes and plenty of free play toys. Each class room has its own library. We do not expose the children to unnecessary competition, authoritarianism and aggression which hampers their growth. For us the process of education does not end at school but it extends beyond school that is at home where the parents play an extremely important role.

The teaching staff develops a healthy and a friendly rapport with the parents making the parents comfortable, so that the teachers and parents can work together towards the progress of the child. The total strength is approximately 550. Each division had 2 parallel teachers. There is a special teacher for shloka teaching who was also in charge of the cultural events held in school. Thus apart from the Headmistress the nursery school had 24 teachers. The children from the nursery school are automatically promoted to the Bhavan’s Paranjape Vidya Mandir in the same campus which has classes up to Std X. The school is affiliated to the S.S.C. Board of Govt. of Maharashtra.

Mrs. Aparna Yarnalkar
Head Mistress
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