Nursery Schools

Admission procedure

  • Children are admitted to the Nursery class at the age of 2 years and 6 months on 1st June of the relevant academic year and not more than 3 and half years.
  • The admission form is made available online on a scheduled date in the month of December only.
  • Admissions are through a computerized random selection.
  • No admissions are made at the Junior and Senior KG level.
  • Admission forms for the Nursery class will be made available online in our website during the third/ fourth week of December every year.
  • Parents should submit the duly filled in form along with a zerox copy of the child’s birth certificate to the school office on the stipulated date.
  • Fees are to be paid in two instalments, first term and second term as per schedule prescribed by the school.


  • The school helps the child to develop the basic skills by use of multiple intelligence. The skills required to read, write as well as other developmental skills necessary for the formal education are done during these foundation years.
  • Towards the end of Senior KG the child is fully equipped to enter the primary school and hence the transition to Std 1 is easy.
  • Right from Nursery, slots are earmarked to language development, Phonics awareness, and mathematical and scientific abilities.
  • Greater stress is given for physical exercise and free play.
  • Music and movement plays a major role in these classes.
  • Role-play is an integral part in the Nursery classes.
  • There is reading time where children are exposed to quality books in the class and senior KG kids are taken to the School library.
  • Children of Senior KG are even made computer friendly by visiting the Computer unit once a week.
  • Project method of learning takes place in all classes by introducing various topics as per the curriculum (See CURRICULUM class wise).
  • Shloka Recitation is a part of the school curriculum right from Nursery class.

Co-curricular Activities

  • The tiny tots celebrate various Indian festivals enthusiastically
  • Various In House events like singing, story telling, fancy dress, quiz etc are held year after year.
  • Sports and Annual concerts are a highlight of the school.
  • Children also participate in Inter school competitions every year.
  • Picnics and field trips for the children are also an integral part.
  • A health check up for the kids is conducted every year by a team of Doctors.
  • Parental involvement in various co curricular events is encouraged.


  • The Nursery school has ample Teaching staff members including the Headmistress. All the Teaching staff members are Post Graduate Diploma holders in Pre Primary Teachers Training from The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s teachers training college. They also have in depth knowledge of “early childhood education
  • Each division of 50 children has two teachers.
  • There is a special teacher for arranging shloka recitation who is also in charge of organizing various cultural events.
  • School regularly conducts frequent seminars and workshops for the teachers to have a continuous up gradation.

Rules and Regulations

  • Once the child is admitted, punctuality and discipline with regular attendance, cleanliness of dress and person are expected.
  • Every student is expected to wear the prescribed school uniform and the identity card provided by the school.
  • All belongings of the child like bags, water bottles, and Tiffin boxes should be labeled with the child’s name.
  • No leave of absence is granted except on a prior written application from the parents. Parents are requested to do their part in inculcating in children regular work habits and discipline.
  • The school has regular Parent Teacher meetings that the parents are expected to attend.
  • Parents are allowed to meet the teachers only after the school hours and not during the school hours.
  • Parents can meet the Headmistress, if they have any suggestions or complaints regarding the school matters.

Aims and objectives

  • The schools aims at imparting quality education (in English medium) for the all round development of the child.
  • Providing a rich and stimulating environment to the children.
  • Inculcate our culture in the minds of children by celebrating various Indian festivals.
  • Developing good health habits.
  • Train the child to be a usefully productive unit in this materialistic world, and at the same time rooted in India’s traditional culture & values; thus bringing a harmonious blend of the old and the new.
  • Providing first hand experiences to the children which makes the learning process more enjoyable and meaningful.

Blending of tradition and modernity, where children are equipped to assimilate whatever is new without being swept off from the values of life.

To train the children not only to be a productive unit in today’s materialistic world but also to equip the child to assimilate whatever is good in the new, without being swept off from the values of life. Thus, bringing a harmonious blend of the old and the new.

Special Features

  • Activity based curriculum
  • Reliability, integrity and commitment of the staff.
  • Adaptability to change and openings to new ideas.
  • Catering to the neighborhood children.
  • Support system which the Teachers training college provides.
  • Having peace loving, well behaved fearless, creative independent, patriotic cultured and happy human beings.
  • Recognizing and enhancing the best of the abilities in each child Spreading the message of love, non-voilence, tolerance, ecology, scientific attitude and a sense of equality for all.
  • Laying a strong foundation required for the formal primary education.
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